I’ve mentioned it a few times now that I haven’t blogged much lately. So here I am letting you know what I have been up to these past few weeks.

For starters, I went to my first NHL hockey game… ever.


Crazy right? Lived here for so long and have never gone to one.

Good news: We won that night and hand incredible seats.

Summary of a hockey game: laughs, cheers, beer, salty pretzels, french fries, pure happiness.



I also went to my first Whitecaps FC Game. Again: great seats, laughs, and of course.. beer! (much cheaper beer than at the Canucks game, might I add!)

IMG_9466 IMG_9467

I’m not sure which game I liked more. The fans were rowdier at the soccer game but my heart loves hockey more!

Sandy returned from India so The Mestie and I took her out for some good eats.

First meal off the plane. French fries, chocolate sundae.. and well, other things too.



Along with some pizza on another day.

IMG_9458Whole Foods is still my best friend.

IMG_9405IMG_9413And of course so is coffee ;) I have been on this huge coffee with cinnamon kick – it’s amazing.


IMG_9484I’ve also been hitting up spin, yoga, and a few other classes ;) Keeping things interesting.

IMG_9392 IMG_9395And that is that! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Have you ever been to a NHL game – what did ya think? 


  • pizza—- WHAT IS ON TOP???? :):):) that looks amazing. also, i really could use some fries right now. i love that you love fries.

    your seats for the hockey game WERE amazing- sheesh. Love your little updates and it just makes me want to visit and run around with you and then get smoothies and look at the water. Coffe + Cinnamon = heaven. I always sprinkle a bit in whenever i order from Starbucks.


  • Brittany says:

    I LOVE hockey!! SO much fun, one of my favorite sports to go watch. I also need that vegan treat…with some of your cinnamon & foamy coffee. OH my yum! You’re livin life, I LOVE IT!

    • Britta says:

      I think I’ve told you this before but whenever I eat anything vegan I always always think of you… and I may or may not pretend that we are eating it together :D

  • Amalia says:

    AH I’m so glad they won when you went. Love the Whitecaps, I’m thinking of roadtripping it to Portland this summer with friends to watch them play there! Glad you’re having such a good time. Hopefully we can grab that tea soon!

  • Abby says:

    That’s awesome you went to a hockey game- great seats!! My father-in-law has season tickets to the Oilers, but I can’t even remember how many years it has been since I went to a game. I think we need a better team :)
    Oh, that Caesar. I had to cut myself off- I was drinking too many. But that may have to change after seeing that one!
    Getting excited for your MARATHON?!!?

    • Britta says:

      The hockey game was a blast and you should definitely go to a game again – so fun! Don’t worry, the Canucks aren’t rocking this season either but it is still really fun to go.

      I’m getting excited for the marathon to be OVER! haha I don’t know how you do Ironmans.. I am not loving the super long distances… but it will be amazing to get it done!!

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