Ambassador Crawl and Marathon Thoughts.

On Tuesday we hosted an ambassador crawl at our lululemon store. IT WAS FANTASTIC! What’s an ambassador crawl you ask?

Each store has amazing ambassadors and every so often we like to celebrate their wonderfulness (that’s a word right?) by attending a butt load  a lot of classes in one day. What’s even better is that these classes are complimentary for EVERYONE (yup, all of Vancouver could attend)! I’d like to call that #winning.

This time around we had 5 scheduled. A spin class, followed by bootcamp, followed by yoga, followed by a run, followed by another yoga class.

I worked during the day so I attended 3 classes. Spin, bootcamp, and the late night yoga class.

IMG_9512IMG_9532 IMG_9533 IMG_9534

I cannot tell you how much fun it was. To be sweating and spending a day with your friends and inspirational people doing what you love!



I stole a few of these pics from people.. hope they don’t mind, ahem.. Michelle and Jessy :)


So marathon, oh marathon.

I have 3 weeks guys – THREE WEEKS?

Yup, most of the time when I think about it I get a little nauseous and nervous.

What the heck am I doing? Why am I running 42.2km? WHY?

Well, I know why – just to say that I can did it (seriously).

So I have come to the realization that I don’t like running more than roughly 25km. I LOVE the half marathon distance. About 2hrs on your feet is absolutely manageable and I still love that distance. Anything above that and I become ridiculously bored.

Really. Even with pretty views.


Plus, your body starts hurting ALL OVER. I have knee issues to begin with so yes, my right knee sometimes feels like its going to explode.

Training for 3+hrs a day is a huge time commitment and I honestly have no desire to run  that amount of time ever again.

So what I am really saying is that I will do this ONE marathon and never again. It’s not something that I love and I already know that. On race day I might think differently but training for this bad boy is/was a doozy.

I’m also hungry all. the. time. I have this insatiable hunger most of the day from the moment I wake up, I feel like a bottomless pit. I don’t like that. I would rather not run/train as much and not be hungry all the time because being hungry quickly translates into being hangry (hungry + anger) and that is not a good scene for anyone.

I have been sucking back smoothies and homemade chia seed waters like it’s my job.

P1070611Long run fuel:

P1070613Breakfast… which ended up being tooooooo much for my stomach to handle last Sunday. Felt like crap for the first 5 miles.


The nutrition bit has been a hard one for me. I have been doing a bit of research and it helps to have a Dr. in the family who can tell me what’s most likely going on with my body, but I just don’t feel good. My stomach and gut are inflamed and I don’t know if running is to blame entirely but oh man, I could go without.

I’m also not best in the world at getting a sufficient amount of protein in my diet.


But aside from all of this – its been a journey this far. Who knew I could run that far and still function! It’s neat to see what I can do. 

So, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! I am off for a little relaxation of my own ;)



  • Brittany says:

    I think you are amazing!! You will rock this marathon, and if you never want to do another then you don’t have to!!! I would love to just have the “I’ve done it” under my belt and call it good!! Your eats are looking legit, keep eating vegan treats..that’s why we run! HAHA. YOU’RE ALMOST THERE! Also, I want to come to yoga with you guys!! WAHH!

  • I’m so proud of you for getting in your long runs despite not feeling the greatest. Hopefully after the MARATHON (!) your gut and body feel better! (Can’t believe it’s only three weeks away!)
    Sounds like a fun day on the ambassador crawl!

  • you are SO inspiring Britta- running a marathon? yoga? spin? being awesome? you do so much and are living to the fullest. you will rock your marathon no doubt about it. running three hours is ….. not very fun BUT saying you ran a marathon- that is legit awesome and demands respect.

    that smoothie….. with the eggs…. now i want a smoothie. now. :::going to make one stat:::

  • Amalia says:

    I love that ambassador day with Lulu, looks like so much fun — any class recommendations for me? Also, I can’t believe you’re doing the marathon — so inspiring! It makes me want to do one one day, to say I did it, but I can’t imagine enjoying running so far for so long. I will be doing the 8km that day!

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